Pharma ISI-Enabled


The Pharma ISI-Enabled package features four formats built specifically for the legal specifications required for branded pharmacy executions. This package consists of a billboard ISI, video shell ISI, Interscroller ISI and Interstitial ISI for multi-device execution.

You can choose to run all four, just video or just high impact display.

Interscroller ISI

Billboard ISI

Interstitial ISI


Best Practices

We suggest using as little text as possible to allow your branding and imagery to shine. Keep copy as close to the following suggestions:

  • Headline (100 characters)
  • Additional copy (100 characters)

If you would like to include more text than suggested, consider animating to break up the content and allow the user to process smaller pieces of information, always ending with the CTA.

We recommend a CTA with no more than 20 characters and to keep the CTA visible at all times so the user is encouraged to click through.

Design Specs

Retina Dimensions1940×500
Retina Dimensions750×1500
Safe Area750×1455
Retina Dimensions750×1500
Video Shell
Video Aspect Ratio16:9
Retina Dimensions – Full Canvas1920×1080

Design Assets

Existing Media Files.psd or .ai
Fonts.otf or .ttf
Logos.png, .jpg, .psd or .ai
Images.png, .jpg, .psd or .tiff
Animationstoryboard, existing html5, or written concept
CopyApproved copy only
CTAApproved CTA only
ISIDocument with legal text
Video, .mp4
Video Length6, 15, or 30s